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Name:Sheila Hendriks Jackson
Location:United States of America
Muse: Sheila Hendriks Jackson
Fandom: Original

Physical Description:
Homeworld: Earth
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 103
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Family Background:
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Raymond Jackson (as of February 17, 2016)
Parents: Alastair Hendricks, Jessica Callaway(deceased)
Siblings: None
Children: On the way

Training and Abilities:
Education: Sheila barely graduated High School.

Profession: None.

Usual Weapons: She's never allowed to touch weapons, not even a kitchen knife.

Skills & Special Abilities: She can see ghosts, and is a little bit of a psychic.

Before LJ/DW:
Sheila has lived with her wealthy father for her entire life. He's spoiled her rotten, but also has been over protective. Her social interactions have been limited to a small group of peers, who have all been screened by her father.

A new student started at her school, Marcus Carver. She was immediately smitten with him, and the two have been carrying on a secret relationship for the past year. She plans to runaway and marry him on Graduation Day.

Current Updates: Marcus has broken up with Sheila and discovered the truth about her family. She felt lost and willingly began living with a few villains. They controlled everything about her until they were defeated, and a witch freed her spirit and restored her sanity. She had a meal at a shelter, and Raymond Jackson promised her the world in exchange for a relationship. He took her for a marriage license for the first date, and has promised that she will be free to do as she wish, that he only needed a bride to 'look better'.

Raymond is dead now, and she's left with nothing but a baby that terrorizes her. Life can't get much worse.

Shelia Hendricks is my original character, from a series of books that I hope to finish one day. Feel free to send me a question on this journal.

Writing/Roleplay Communities:

Bella Thorne is being used as the face of poor, doomed Shelia, but I have no connections with the actress. Any fandoms she comes across from RP are owned by their creators, as well as any characters not run by me. The poems are Rilo Kiley lyrics.
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